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Blackbird, David Harrower's chilling tale about Love and Loss.

This intense work was commissioned by the Edinburgh International Festival, where it received its world premiere. After years in prison and subsequent hardships, Ray, 56, has new identity and has made a new life for himself, thinking that he cannot be found. Una, 27, has thought of nothing else. Upon seeing a photo of Ray in a magazine, she has arrived unannounced at this office. Guilt, rage and raw emotions run high as they recollect the passionate relationship, they had 15 years ago when she as 12 and he was 40. Without any moral judgment, the play never shies away from the brutal truth of this abandoned and unconventional love. Una is looking for answers, not vengeance. Nevertheless, the consequences are shattering...

David Harrower’s Blackbird is a remarkable script. Part mystery, part crime story and part social commentary on how the roles of the oppressed and the oppressor can be flipped by the passion of the human heart, Blackbird weaves these elements together and forces us to confront the darker corners of our psyches. Because Blackbird is based on a true English story and was written by a Scotsman, our production chose to use the original setting in an attempt to capture the poetic rhythm of Harrower’s words.

Blackbird was first commissioned and presented by the Edinburgh International Festival at the King’s Theatre, Edinburgh, in August 2005 and was subsequently presented at the Albery Theatre in the West End by Michael Edwards and Carole Winter for MJE Productions, opening on February 13, 2006. Blackbird was originally produced in the United States on March 15, 2007, by the Manhattan Theatre Club, Lynne Meadow, artistic director, and Barry Grove, executive producer.

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