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  • "My normal class is Monday. Can I put up a monologue during Saturday's class?" YES. As of now, you can put a take ANY open slot. Please see above.

  • "Who do I contact if I want to do a scene on ______day?" Please look at the Universal Booking Sheet here and find the booking officer for ______day.

  • "Can I do a monologue where the slot says scene?" Please contact the booking officer directly. We will be more lenient than normal with these types of situations.

  •  "Is it play read or movie this week? When does play read happen?" The Universal sheet specifies the play and movie for each week. In general, play read will be Wednesday @ 7:15pm AND Saturday @ 12:15pm. Movies will be Monday @ 7:15 pm AND Thursday at @12: 15 pm. 

  • "If I'm normally in Monday class, do I have to re-register to join a different class that week?" No. You only need to register once. If you're having issues, please reply to this email directly. (

  • "I heard Peter is doing an Accent class. When is that? How much does it cost? Is it part of a normally scheduled class?" Peter is holding an accent workshop next Friday, April 17th, 11-2 pm PST. This will be a similar content to what he did at LinkedIn in 2019. The class will most likely be $15 (BANGING deal, most of these are $75+). It is independent of normal online classes. 

  • "Do Rob and Peter have specific days they teach?" No. It varies.

  • "What monologue/scene should I do?" Start by looking at your casting. If you're still struggling, reach out to your stage manager. If you're still having trouble, email Rob or Peter.

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