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"Admin” stands for acting career administration. Our students learn how to be proactive artists in charge of their creative dreams and develop the essential skills and tools to become working actors in the film, television, and theatre industries. The work is facilitated through weekly goal-setting and peer accountability meetings, a service open to all enrolled students. Specific goals include but are not limited to developing professional actor materials, landing representation, analyzing the current show business marketplace, sharing resources, effective networking, and ultimately aligning our students’ talents with industry opportunities that can move their careers forward.
"When you’re outside of L.A., there are certain benchmarks—at least where I went to acting school—that our teacher (Rob Zimmerman) said we had to hit. We had to have a certain amount of money in the bank, we had to have a certain amount of time on our demo reel, we had to have our headshot and everything put together for a package, so when you move to L.A., you’re moving with your arsenal; [you’re] ready to be very proactive. I would encourage anyone thinking of moving to L.A. to do those things. Being strapped for cash and not having any direct leads to people who can help you achieve your goals, I can’t imagine what that must be like. People do it all the time and are successful, but if you can be proactive at home, that’s what I suggest."

-Alisha Wainwright Star of Raising Dion, Shadowhunters

Backstage October 10, 2019

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